Monday, June 23, 2014

Someone Please Open a Yoga Studio in Wheaton

I was shocked upon moving to Wheaton, MD and realizing that there are no yoga studios here!  It makes me feel like the people who live here may be more focused on their kids than on their own health and well being.

There in a dance studio (pictured here) in the Wheaton Triangle and a martial arts studio just off of Georgia Avenue and Blueridge.  There are two yoga studios in Kensington (Ally and Core), but those are not near enough to be convenient for the thousands of people who live in and near Wheaton.

There is a Wheaton Community Recreation Center on Georgia Avenue near the library that doesn't offer yoga either, although they do offer tai chi for adults (also relaxing and good exercise but not the same!).

Hopefully a studio will open in one of the many vacant storefronts around town. The market is here and will just grow with all of the new apartments and luxury condos that are newly open!

The front entrance of Wheaton Studio of Dance, February 11, 2013


  1. its a little far but there is one near trader joes

  2. I have a yoga studio and five students can fit in or a private lesson if you are interested. Please e-mail be at

  3. Maybe I will open one quite soon! I already have one successful busines near Wheaton (possibly all thanks should go to dynamics 365 licensing guide, that I wouldn't start anything without), so maybe it's time for another one? A yoga studio seems fun.