Monday, May 5, 2014

Van Ness and Wheaton -- Sister Communities

Van Ness is a neighborhood in northwest Washington, DC that has some similar issues to Wheaton, MD.  Both have a red line metro station and lots of people who get around by walking, but both are also split down the middle by some busy streets containing a lot of traffic. In Van Ness it is Connecticut Avenue and in Wheaton it is Georgia Avenue and University Blvd. 

Both have some great restaurants, grocery stores, access to lots of parkland, and a full public library nearby, however both are somewhat unknown to outsiders. I know this is off the topic of Wheaton, but I recently tried to find some nice photos of the Van Ness neighborhood and failed miserably.  So I went there and took my own photos. They are included here so hopefully they make it into the search results for Van Ness DC neighborhood pictures.

Acacia Bistro in Van Ness 4/18/14

Old growth tree, Subway and Calvert Woodley Wines & Spirits, Van Ness 4/18/14

Tesoro Italian Restaurant, Van Ness 4/18/14

Land under construction at site of old Pier One Imports, Van Ness 4/18/14

Italian Pizza Kitchen restaurant, cleaners, and nail salon, Van Ness 4/18/14
The Franklin Montessori School, Van Ness 4/18/14
Giant grocery store at the Van Ness metro station with Walgreens in the background 4/18/14

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