Monday, July 8, 2013

Glad to avoid this major frustration for Silver Spring downtown residents

I would be very frustrated if I had to walk past the unfinished transit center every day. It's grass looks lush and green, but the whole area is completely fenced off to pedestrians while no work is being done on the building.

If I lived nearby and walked past that site daily to/from the metro, I would be tempted to knock down that fence. It doesn't seem fair to keep everyone out of what would be some nice public space if it were open.

As it is, I just stand and look at that plot of land sometimes from the metro platform when waiting for a Glenmont train after being booted off of a Silver Spring train (these two pictures show the area from the train platform).  It is a nice patch of bright green among the urban grey.

Silver Spring transit center lawn could be a new urban park.
If this area were open to pedestrians it would contain people sitting on blankets and enjoying the grass.


  1. I'd imagine there is a liability issue involved with having people able to get too close to the unfinished/substandard built transit center. That green won't stay for ever anyway. As soon as the transit center finally opens the developer will probably try to get his 3 towers built on the site.

  2. Ike says work will start next week on the first of the fixes ...