Monday, April 1, 2013

Bike Commute for Effortless Exercise

Daffodils in Brookside Gardens, March 30, 2013
An inspiring article today is a good follow-up to my blog posts (recently and earlier) about how to bicycle:
"Studies show that bike commuting is one of the best ways to stay healthy."
It is such a good thing to do because it gets us active and exercising without us having to devote any of our leisure hours specifically to it.  Most of us have to commute anyway, so doing it on a bike gives us passive exercise!  It is a perfect situation.

And with the weather warming up it is a perfect time to get on a bicycle!  I expect those racks at the metro station to be filling up soon (haven't seen it yet, ever).  Rest assured that if they are full you can chain the bike up to any signpost or parking meter without an issue.


  1. My commute is the best part of my day instead of the worst part of my day.

  2. I always think it's good to try out exercise How To Use Ab Rocket stuff first if possible, so it doesn't end up sitting in the corner... It really is a cool thing - German ingenuity!