Monday, February 11, 2013

The Fate of Wheaton Triangle: How to make the most of the planned new government building

Just up the Pike frequently writes about Wheaton, and a post from today is inspirational. The issue is what will happen to the large parking lot currently located in the southern section of the "Wheaton Triangle."

Map of Wheaton Triangle area from
As the blog lays out today in "can new MoCo planning HQ catalyze wheaton?"
Last month, the Park and Planning Commission made a nonbinding agreement with Montgomery County to build their new headquarters and a town square on Parking Lot 13 at the corner of Reedie Drive and Grandview Avenue, for which the County Council set aside $55 million last year. 
I totally agree with all of the suggestions in the post, adding street level shops and restaurants with outdoor seating, a display area on the ground floor that the public can see from outside and walk in to visit, and making sure the space around the new building is alive with people at all hours (having plenty of people walking around makes a place safer and better for everyone).

I hope our officials make a good use of this public space so our community can grow and prosper.
The parking lot in Wheaton Triangle from the northwest corner; the planned site of the new Park and Planning Commission headquarters building. Photo from 2/14/13.

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