Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Starting a local blog

Wheaton's location from an online profile.
I'm a fairly new resident of Wheaton, MD and want to compile resources about this community online for the benefit of all.

We have a "Patch" local news page.  It is a good place to keep up with country government meetings and the results of those meetings, read about local crime, and learn about some upcoming events.

A good blog about Silver Spring is Just Up the Pike by Dan Reed, referring to Rockville Columbia Pike that runs through Silver Spring.  Pike is an old fashioned word for road.  The author grew up in Silver Spring and is passionate about the area.

I find that the blog Greater Greater Washington includes a lot of content about Silver Spring, MD and enough of that relates to Wheaton too that I include it here.

I'm starting this blog partially in response to the sorry state of the two other blogs I know of that are about Wheaton: Wheaton Calling (Good name! Not updated since April 2012!!) and Good Eatin' in Wheaton (another good name, not updated since May 2012).

So this, Another Day in Wheaton will be another blog about that wonderful area. Updated more often, optimistic, and attentive to our community.


  1. Welcome to Wheaton! Since I live nearby I'm delighted to have another Wheaton blog to read. I'll look forward to future posts.

    FYI, the pike that "Just up the Pike" references is Columbia Pike, or what used to be called Columbia Pike back in the olden days. Now it's more commonly known as Colesville Road and/or Route 29.

  2. Thanks very much Cyndy for your kind works and the clarification about Columbia Pike/Colesville Road/Rt 29. I see this road is labeled all 3 names the map! I was confused why that blog would be named after Rockville Pike.

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